Gina Sedman

International recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, journalist, 

and CEO/founder of  GNA Universal Media and partnering companies.

Gina Sedman: A Multifaceted Visionary in Independent Entertainment 

Gina Sedman, formerly known as Gina Carey, is an internationally renowned soul/R&B artist, songwriter, film and music producer, filmmaker, journalist, and CEO/founder of GNA Universal Media and its partnering companies: The Indie Post Magazine, Indie Soul Radio, NDME TV, The CV Indie Film Awards, Gico Music, and Gina Carey Films. 

With over three decades of experience, Gina is a versatile figure in the independent entertainment industry, having self-funded and spearheaded numerous artistic projects. Her contributions include writing, producing, and recording over 15 albums, achieving six #1 UK chart hits, and winning several awards such as the BMA award for Best Gospel Artist and the CV Music Award for Best Pop/R&B & Contemporary Artist. 

Gina is also recognized as the first African American female filmmaker in Palm Springs, celebrated for her philanthropic efforts to support independent artists. In 2019, she launched the CV Indie Film Awards and established GNA Universal Media, a multi-media company. Her productions span across music videos, films, and web series, including works like "Aspire to Inspire" and "Acts of Kindness." A dedicated Christian, Gina credits her success to God's grace and remains committed to enriching others' lives through her multifaceted career.