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Blue Flowers

Gina Sedman's Music Bio

Gina Sedman, formally known as Gina Carey, is a prolific internationally known recording artist with an extensive career that spans over 30 years. She has written, produced, and recorded over 15 albums, many single releases, and five #1 hits on the UK Music Chart. Ten of her albums were released under her own record and publishing company, "Gico Music."

Her albums include: "In His Time" (1996), "Changes" (2003), "Tell Um" (2006), "My Journey" (2008), "Melodic" (2011), "Love Letters" (2012), "Love Letters 2" (2012), "Live, Love & Laugh" (2012), "Gina Carey. The Songbird" (2013), "Funk Rhythm & Soul" (2014), "Gina Carey the Soul Singer" (2015), "Can You Dig It" (August 2015), and her latest singles "Hold Me" (February 2016) and "Tears" (the theme song for "Aspire to Inspire") (June 2016), "Funky Cold Brotha" and "All up in This Place" (2017), "Fight" and "Kissed by The Sun," and more recently,  singles "My Destiny," "Fallen," "Eternity," "Prodigal," "Praying a lifetime" and "I love" All recordings made after 2006 were written and produced by Gina and released under her own label, Gico Music.

Gina was recently featured on Dave Lee's (Formerly Joey Negro) hit album 'Produced with Love 2' with the song 'Love Walked in the Room' Written by Leroy Burgess, Dave Lee and Gina (under her former name Gina Carey). 'Love Walked In The Room" has had over 10,000 views on YouTube, thousands of downloads across all platforms, and physical sales on both vinyl and CD. Gina has recorded with an array of top musicians, such as Peewee Hill ( bass player for Judith Hill, Billy Preston, Thelma Houston, etc.), who has performed on some of her recent singles.

Among many performances, Gina has opened up for 'Rose Royce' in LA. In a recent move to the UK, Gina completed a small tour of the UK's South East in 2023, selling out venues such as The Legendary Bear Club (One of the Top Ten Jazz clubs in the UK) with her new UK band' Band of Brothers' and has guested with Jazz Fusion Supergroup' Confusion' at Londons' Temple of Arts and Music' to name a few.

Gina has received numerous awards for her work, including a BMA award for "Best Gospel Artist," "Rising Stars of the Desert Best Jazz Music Artist" (GHP Music Awards), and "Best Single." Bright Star Award best Soul & RnB Single of 2020 with her hit 'My Destiny.' Additionally, she has won three CV Music Awards for "Best Pop/R&B & Contemporary Artist" in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively. In 2016, CV Weekly recognized her as one of the Top 12 Interesting & Influential Women in the Coachella Valley.

Currently, Gina is accepting bookings for festivals and events in 2024. Don't miss your chance to have one of the most incredible international vocalists perform at your event.


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